Lesson From The Edge - How do you put your family second and say that you love them? TP Rachmat did, and it made him sleep better at night. Declaring himself bankrupt twice, leaving a company that he helped built and grow into multi national corporation as a professional... and even more passing the chance to become an owner to build another empire of his own, the man has gone through more thna what many of us inspire to have within this life time. As the chairman of Triputra Group, TP Rachmat business capitalization of xx USD and Forbes Indonesia recently declared him as Indonesia's 9th wealthiest individual. It is with a great honor for us to host him. while he sharing his lifeline in an intimate setting during our next learning event. Take home that you may expect: Making a leap from professional to entrepreneurship , creating and instilling family values, creating family constitution, choosing the rigt partner, spotting the right industry for growth.

The event will be held in GranMelia - Kuta Room, Jakarta, from 6pm - 9pm, RSVP required.